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Benefits and drawbacks to purchasing property in Thailand right now

There are various advantages and disadvantages to purchasing Thailand real estate right now. Understanding this might help you make an informed decision. That would be the most crucial aspect. Many individuals celebrate the country’s property market’s merits, just as many predict a bleak future. The reality, as with most things, will be somewhere in the center. Purchasing Thailand property at this time is fraught with danger. As with every investment, there is a risk that can lead to a return. When looking for homes, you must consider both. With all of this in mind, these were some of the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing Thailand real estate just currently.


  1. There are still deals available.

Real estate prices will indeed be lower now than when Thailand comes back up. Although reductions vary from area to place and sometimes even contract to project, several opportunities exist to save money. For example, Mantra Beach Condominium in Bang Saray is running a constrained discount for condos in this elegant Eastern Seaboard development.

In Phuket, Samui, and Hua Hin, the narrative is similar. There is a good assortment of bargains available. However, this is most likely your final chance to get one.

  1. The full purchasing procedure may be completed from afar.

Purchasing Thailand real estate may now be done entirely from outside. Many property agencies have mastered the procedure, so you may continue with confidence if you prefer to purchase from outside of the nation.

  1. Tourism will resurface.

Tourists will return to Thailand in the future, according to history. And there will be a plethora of them. In 2010, the country received 15.9 million tourists. In 2019, this figure was 39.9 million. Throughout 2004 and 2019, visitors fell only three times.


  1. The greatest discounts have already sold out.

Unfortunately, the best deals have long since passed. The majority of sellers are eager to haggle on price but are also willing to wait out the issue. This is essential to comprehend before completing an offer. Unrealistic bids will be dismissed, so don’t come in today with a bid that is 50% less than the asking amount.

  1. You are unable to visit the house in hand.

Although border controls are easing, most consumers will still be unable to view a home insight if they are purchasing Thailand real estate for now. This is a non-starter for many entrepreneurs. You may argue that if you’re buying an off-plan property and seem familiar with the place, this doesn’t seem like an issue.

  1. Uncertainty regarding when everyone will be able to return

Of course, when it will recover is yet unknown. Thailand’s intention to resume vaccinated visitors has altered many times. There was also the concern of some nations, most particularly China, prohibiting tourists from traveling outside. There is optimism that the environment will start recovering, or something near to normal, by next year, although this remains to be included. Anyone considering purchasing Thailand real estate now should keep this in mind.

Final words

However, if you are unfamiliar with the region or wish to purchase a finished house, it is critical to consider all of the benefits against this disadvantage. If this is an issue, contact your representative or contractor. They could be open to collaborating with you to find a solution.

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