Although roofing problems can be varied and complex for experienced contractors, there are some common ones that are easy to recognize even for the untrained eye.

Here are four roofing problems you can easily spot and, thankfully, with the help of a reputable roofer, it is easy to fix.

Pipe collars If a homeowner notices a leaky bathroom, then it is usually a sign that the pipe boot that surrounds the plumbing vent allows airflow to the plumbing system. Although it is possible for a bathroom fan to be connected to a vent pipe through a roof, in most cases, the problem is with the pipe collar.

Roofers will install pipe collars for newly built homes. These collars are usually provided by plumbers and are often poor-quality plastic pipe collars with a short lifespan. You may experience fewer problems if your pipe collar is made of aluminum or lead pipes than if it were made from a cheaper plastic.

Flashing, chimneys, and skylights – flashing can cause a lot of roof problems. If the corners aren’t properly wrapped with flashing, leaks could occur. It’s quite possible that step flashing that has been improperly wrapped can cause the most common roof problems in residential homes.

Valleys – rainwater may build up in roof valleys. It’s important that these are professionally installed. There are usually 3 options depending on where the roof is located.

Valley metal is used for homes that are located in colder climates. It is designed to prevent snow and ice from forming on the metal’s smooth surface and creating an obstruction. This is done by weaving the shingles together from both ends to strengthen the valley.

Ridge ventilation – Previously, metal ridge vents had been installed on roofs. However, because they were only 8 inches wide rain could blow under the vent and cause roof leaks. Another problem is that the roof rafters are not properly nailed to the ridge vent. This causes the ridge ventilation to blow off and the plywood to fall due to how the original roofers attached it to the vibrating plywood.

Call a roofing contractor such as HD Roofing immediately if your roof is showing signs of leakage or you are concerned. They will inspect the roof, repair any damage, and make recommendations.

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