Attractive Bathroom Cabinets With Functional Benefits

Every bathroom deserves a chance at looking regal and tastefully done. And by tasteful bathrooms, we do not mean only big bathrooms. Whilst space has been and will always be a blessing in wet rooms, but, thoughtful decor and the inclusion of smart vanities can make even a very small bathroom look elegant and tasteful. So, don’t let size or budget hold you back anymore from getting the bathroom of your dreams. In this guide, we will take you through the benefits of installing the right bathroom vanities at your place and also the many tricks that’ll help your place look even better. So, let’s get started!

What are the Right Bathroom Vanities?

This is probably the first question you’ll ask as soon as you’ll dig a little deeper into the endless pit of variety offered at premium sellers such as Kitchen Wholesalers. So, to help you sort the priorities right, we have made a checklist you need to keep in mind to find the right bathroom vanities.

  1. For small bathrooms, a 24″ vanity is the right one. It’s always suggested to buy a simple design so that it can easily blend in.
  2. Floating vanities and wall vanities are other options for small bathrooms.
  3. Double vanities are the right vanities when space and budget aren’t limited.
  4. Wood is the best vanity material to count on for a luxurious look.

On that note, let’s take you through some wonderful bathroom vanity options and the benefits of having them at your place.

Types of Bathroom Vanities to Choose From

  • Free Standing Bathroom Vanity

The rectangular design of this vanity that can hold either one or two sinks on the top is praiseworthy. One of the best options for small and medium-sized bathrooms, it features ample storage space that can be used to organize all bathroom essentials.

  • Wall-Mounted Bathroom Vanity

This vanity has a basic design but is a very useful one if you want to clear the space on the floor and make it clutter-free. Usually suggested for bathrooms with limited space, its use isn’t restricted to small bathrooms only. For the bigger ones, it serves the purpose of holding essentials so that you can easily reach for them while taking a shower.

  • Vessel Vanity

Always admired the artistic look of beautiful vanities in fancy 5 stars? Well, if space doesn’t limit you, then vessel vanity is all it’ll take to bring home the same luxurious classy look.

You’ll have the flexibility to get these vanities customized in sizes as big as even 60″. Some other impressive options include vanity cabinets and under-mounted sink cabinets. Do have a look at the stellar range of Kitchen Wholesalers bathroom cabinets to get your vanities designed in luxurious materials, shapes, and sizes.