LVT Flooring Strategies:

Its abbreviation is Light Vegetation Technology. LVT flooring strategies can provide the best aesthetic, thermal and cost-effective solution for your next project. Our LVT system is designed to ensure that your project is worry-free from start to finish. Floor Skirting is a hidden floor appearance on the base layer of LVT. It adds warmth, texture and interest to any room. The size pattern can be used alone or in combination with other LVT flooringtrim styles to create a tailored finish.

LVT is a composite material that is lightweight and easily installed. This can be used in the floor to create a look of exposed wood and hardwood. The LVT panels come in various shapes and finishes; some are more natural than others. Whatever your preference, there are countless ways to use this product for interior applications. The LVT flooring is a great choice for closets, entryways and staircases because it is very durable and easy to clean. Floor skirting is the ultimate solution to catching dirt and dust. It can also be used to reduce noise or to create an added decorative feature on your flooring.

Composition of LVT Flooring:

Our LVT flooring is made of recycled rubberized vinyl. This composite material consists of three components: a core or backing strip, a highly breathable surface vinyl, and a special adhesive system called Mecelac.  LVT is a 100% natural resin material. The product contains no flooring chemicals and can withstand all weather conditions. LVT is a popular material as it conforms to the shape of your floor and has almost unlimited possibilities. LVT is used in residential and commercial applications, such as floors in apartments, studios, offices, businesses and hotels.

The LVT flooring is made out of recycled materials that are guaranteed to be eco-friendly. The material acted as a glue to prevent the floor from shifting, so that the object can be installed easily. Our LVT floor is designed to give you a durable, high quality finish. LVT is also much more sustainable and energy efficient than wood or concrete floors. It’s made of linseed oil-based resin and natural fibers, so it’ll never need to be treated with harsh chemicals. LVT Flooring is a unique and breathable product that offers you a lifetime of flexible flooring. LVT is lightweight, so it can be installed over existing floor systems without added expense, making it one of the most cost effective floors available.

Quality of LVT Flooring:

LVT Flooring is a self-locking, low-density waterproof and slip resistant material.  LVT is manufactured from clay, a natural and renewable resource that is neither toxic nor harmful to work with, making it the ideal choice for healthy indoor environments. LVT flooring is a non-combust wood from its composition made from 100 percent recycled rubber and wood fibers. It can be used in areas where there is a high heat load, such as on the interior of your home, especially for unheated floors. LVT flooring is made from recycled materials and offers a variety of design options. LVT tile comes in many different finishes, which means you can install your tiles in any pattern you desire. This also means you can keep your floors well-maintained, particularly compared with other floor coverings such as wood or vinyl.