Role of Architects in the Processes of Discussion, Drawing, and Construction

An architect is the backbone of any type of construction like bridges and buildings. The fundamental and most important activities and roles of an architect include brainstorming, client satisfaction, and designing the structures.

Firstly, a meeting is held between clients and an architect in which the basic requirements and the ideas about the structure are discussed. The clients provide all the information necessary for the project that includes the map, budget, and space allocated for a building or a bridge.

Construction companies always try their best to satisfy their clients. The designs are repeated till the clients are satisfied and agree to start the construction project.

Responsibilities Of An Architect in a Construction Project

The management, organization, discussion, and drawing are some of the basic works that are supposed to be done by architects. They should explain to the clients about the cost and budget, time limit, and daily progress of the project.

Mostly, they are required to work in construction companies with engineers. Therefore, they should also have excellent communication skills besides architectural skills.

What An Architect Can do in a Discussion Before Starting The Project?

Communication or discussion is one of the most important factors in capturing a client. It is also a source of clearing all the doubts in the minds of clients as well as the construction companies. It can engage the clients permanently. Various technical problems can be sorted out through efficient communication.

There Are the Following processes Involved in the Discussion: 

  1. Understanding the requirements of the clients is the most important and basic step in the process of discussion. The expectations and objectives of the customers are noted.
  2. The budget required for the project will be analyzed in the next step. Planning of the work will also be done in this step.
  3. The responsibilities of the construction companies are discussed in the third step.
  4. All the requirements and possibilities for the rehabilitation of the construction project are discussed in this step of discussion.
  5. The space required for the project is assessed.
  6. Various options for overcoming different administrative issues are discussed.

Role of Architects in Preparation of Drawings

A huge number of drawings are needed to be done before a construction project. The requirements of the clients can also be changed in some cases. However, there is a dire need to draw the project as soon as possible so that there should be no delay in the process of construction.

The assessment of the requirement of construction material is also completed in this process. The drawing is completed by knowing the location of the bridge or a building. Civil engineers and architects work together in the process of drawing to make the drawing most efficient and engaging.

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