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Spruce Up Your Interiors With Different Types Of Blinds

Curtains are the end-touch that you wish to apply to your room to make it complete and magical!

Curtains though not very prominent, play a significant role when it comes to designing your house. Did you know floor length curtains create an illusion of a bigger room? Haven’t you felt calm when you pull down the blinds when it’s getting too sunny? Curtains are available in multiplicity. 

Let’s look at the broad categories of its types:

A] Roller blinds 

These are the common blinds that people refer to. They function with a cord mechanism. These are quite a popular choice because of their simplicity and affordability. They come with a protective coating which makes them suitable even for kitchens and bathrooms which are prone to moisture. 

B] Vertical Blinds

 If elegant and effective is what you’re looking for, you must go for the vertical blinds. Vertical blinds are similar to curtains and are attached to a track, from which they can be slided to open and close. They offer great control over light. 

C] Venetian Blinds 

These horizontal blinds are in vogue. They not only filter the light coming in but are also incredibly fashionable.  They come in a plethora of materials like wood, metal, and plastic. 

D] Roman Blinds 

Roman blinds are operated with a pulley mechanism. They are made of fabric and add a rustic and pleasant effect to your space. They also provide thermal insulation. 

E] Pleated Blinds 

When thinking about safety, pleated blinds should be your choice. They are child-friendly and thermally-efficient. They are also splendid at filtering light hence saving your furniture from glare and sun bleaches. 

F] Shutters 

Shutters are easy to maintain, offer versatile privacy, and can also insulate your room. 

G] Blackout Blinds 

If you want to shut out the world and be just by yourself in your cozy home; these are precisely the curtains you need. Blackout blinds ensure no beam of light enters your house. 

Blinds come in an array of options. A big development in blinds is that they are now motorized too! Motorized blinds are electric blinds possessing sensors. They are automated to adapt to the light changes; they open and shut in accordance with the lights. 

Decor Chantilly motorized blinds are exactly what you need to ramp up your interiors.  Minimalist or luxurious, glamorous colorful or single tints, blackout or natural light, transparent or opaque, you can choose for you!