How to Incorporate Steel Doors in Your Tennessee Home’s Interior?

Tennessee is a warm and friendly state that offers fun and adventurous things. This is precisely what makes Tennessee such a great attraction for singles and families. You’ll find a wide variety of homes in Tennessee, from American Four-Square style to Colonial Revival and East Tennessee Vernacular. But the process of making a house feel like home is designing it to your liking.

When it comes to making some changes around your new property, the first thought is to keep it as budget-friendly as possible. Sometimes, even small changes can have a significant impact in uplifting your Tennessee home’s look, such as steel doors. Most of the homes you purchase will have wooden doors that are either worn out or out of style. Switching them with steel doors not only spruces things up but also adds a luxurious touch to your interiors.

If you want to learn more about steel doors and what’s trending these days, here are a few suggestions you might be interested in.

As Patio Doors

If your Tennessee property has a beautiful landscape that connects your home to the outdoors, using a steel door for your patio is a must. Steel doors can enhance the beautiful entrance of your patio while allowing you to bring the outside world into your home conveniently.

For example, opting for a steel door with glass panels will allow you to let more natural light flow into your home. And if you choose an operable window, you can also enjoy a breeze of fresh air in your home while keeping the door shut for privacy. With steel doors for patios, you can never go wrong!

Main Entrance Door

Most people assume that the front door is mainly a part of your home’s exterior and curb. Whereas in reality, your front door plays an equally important role in the interior as it does in the exterior. How your door looks and whether it matches the entire theme of your home’s interior is essential.

If you have an iron front door, it only makes sense to opt for steel interior doors to create a unified theme. However, if you currently have a wooden front door, even steel doors can make a great entrance if you place it right. For example, French steel doors add utmost class and elegance to every home’s entrance while providing you with the privacy you need.

Wine Cellar Door

Most people might not know this, but Tennessee has a rich and diverse history that is very well connected with wine. It has 30 varieties, including some popular grapes, such as the Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Chardonnay. And if you love wine, it’s only justified to have a beautiful wine cellar to keep your collection safe.

Steel doors make an excellent entrance for wine cellars in Tennessee. They are lightweight but robust, which means they do the work they’re bought for. The options available are unlimited, from solid steel doors to arched steel doors with glass panels and much more.

Walk-In Closet Door

Everyone dreams of having a room with a walk-in closet to dress swiftly and effortlessly without creating a mess. But not many homes in Tennessee come with one. With pocket steel doors, you can create your walk-in closet.

Pocket steel doors are extremely versatile and are specially made for small and awkward corners that can’t support a standard door. As the name suggests, pocket steel doors look like a standard door when closed, but once open, they slide into a small “pocket” in the wall, completely disappearing out of sight. It’s one of the best ways to use steel doors without utilizing much space.

Replacing a Wall with French Steel Door

Tennessee has a wide variety of homes; some are big while others can be quite small. If you are stuck in a situation with a smaller space, you can easily make it seem significant by tearing a wall down and replacing it with a French steel door.

French steel doors make a fantastic door, as well as a faux wall and a room divider. A standard French steel door comes with a solid steel frame in a grid style, accompanied by glass panels. These glass panels allow natural light to flow freely throughout the house without any hindrance. It’s the perfect way to make your small home look big and allow more flow of light into your home.

Beautify Your Home with Interior Steel Doors

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About the Author

Charlie R. is an interior designer with a degree from one of the finest design schools in France. After working for multiple renowned architects and designers around Europe, he made his way to the United States, majoring in steel doors for interior use. His operations are now widely spread across the US, with his head office in New York.