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How to clean a custom made sofa

Custom-made furniture has a special significance and place in the hearts of homeowners. They want to preserve it in good shape and never let pets or kids ruin its beauty. A sofa gets dirt readily and it is an inescapable reality of life. Chip crumbs creep into the gaps, beverages fall, and pets track filth all over the surface of these strong pieces of furniture.

If you also love your custom sofa then don’t let the dirt adhere and ruin its beauty with the simple steps.

  • Vacuum the sofa on a regular basis or brush it in case you don’t have a vacuum with a soft bristle brush to take off the loose particles of dirt.
  • In order to clean dirt, you can go for the vinegar method, add a few drops of vinegar in half a cup of water, then mix it and pour it into a spray bottle. Now spray the solution on the area where dirt adheres.
  • If a spill incident occurs, treat it immediately.
  • Blot the area, do not rub or scrub, use a dry paper towel to lift up the stain.

Cleaning a sofa is quite a simple task and to deep clean the sofa you need little time and some of the tools which are listed below:

  • Dry brush.
  • Vacuum cleaner.
  • Baking soda.
  • Drying towel.

The basic steps to deep clean the sofa are as follows:

  • The pre-cleaning step involves vacuuming. Large particles should be vacuumed away.
  • Before you begin the thorough cleaning, you should remove any surface trash or particles from the sofa’s surface.
  • Vacuum all of the cushion surfaces.
  • Remove the cushions and clean the sofa’s foundation.
  • In case there are any locations on the sofa with heavy dust or dirt caked in, try to break up the patches with a stiff-bristled brush and vacuum up the released dirt.
  • Rub aggressively but not so hard that the cloth is damaged.
  • Use a lint roller to remove the pet’s fur from the sofa.
  • Thoroughly clean the hard surface if your sofa has any that is exposed.
  • Many sofas have exposed wood or other materials, and it is necessary to pay attention to them as well.
  • Always search for the label on the sofa for given cleaning instructions and cleaning code.
  • The cleaning code will help you to determine what sort of fabric it is and which cleaning agent is best for the sofa.
  • Here I am mentioning what these letters on the label indicate
  • The letter “W” denotes the use of a water-based detergent.
  • “WS” indicates that you can use either a water-based detergent or a solvent-based cleaning agent.
  • The letter “S” denotes the use of the solvent-based product or use of just dry-cleaning detergent.
  • “X” denotes either vacuuming or bristle-brushing alone.
  • Always test the solution on an unseen area for observation of the chemical reaction.
  • Sprinkling the baking soda which is notorious for cleaning purposes is not only clean but also aids in the removal of odor from the sofa.