Florida Living: Take a Tour of the Highly Coveted Scenic Highway 30A

Spanning just over 28 miles, the scenic 30A area is a stretch of highway located in the Gulf of Mexico along the Florida panhandle. The area, also known as Scenic 30A, South Walton County, SoWal, or the Emerald Coast, is famous for the stunning beaches that dot it, breathtaking coastal scenery, and some of the most coveted real estate in the country. If you are considering moving here, the following guide will tell you what to expect from living in 30A, FL.

Beaches in 30A

Scenic 30A encompasses several beaches that make up the residential location. According to 30A FL real estate team Dahler & CO., each beach is a complete town with its personality, property types, amenities, and price points. They include Rosemary Beach, Grayton Beach, Seagrove Beach, Watercolor, Blue Mountain Beach, WaterSound Beach, Alys Beach, Dune Allen Beach, and Santa Rosa Beach. Some consider Sandestin and Carillon part of Scenic 30A, but it depends on who you ask. Meanwhile, Santa Rosa is the most iconic 30A beach. Boasting a laid-back energy, the town features luxurious waterfront homes and a virtually endless stretch of emerald-green coastline and white sand. 

30A Real Estate

The 30A FL real estate market is quite competitive and coveted. Houses in the area tend to command higher prices, both as rentals or sales, compared to competing areas. The median home sale price in 30A is $1.18 million, nearly four times the national average. That said, it is crucial to note that home prices often vary from one location on 30A to the next. Due to the high desirability, these high prices also make the area a great place to invest in, both short-term and long-term.     

Community and Local Lifestyle

Despite all the glitz, glamour, and hefty price tags, 30A is a generally relaxed and laid-back community. Instead of the big chain businesses and international hotels, the streets are lined with family businesses, mom-and-pop shops, art galleries, cute boutiques, and local bakeries. The area attracts some of the state’s most famous and wealthiest names while remaining friendly, charming, and unassuming.

Dining Scene in 30A

The dining scene in 30A is characteristic of the Floridian coast – an exciting mix of southern and foreign cuisines, all based on fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Top eateries and restaurants in the area include Black Bear Bread Co., which is popular for its sandwiches; Rosemary Beach’s Pescado, who offer unrivalled fine dining experiences; and The Citizen at Alys Beach, who serve delicious meals in a comfortable and homey setting.

Outdoor Recreation

There is a lot to do outdoors in 30A, which is good because the weather remains warm for much of the year. Depending on your tastes, you can take a culinary tour of the beaches, enjoy the nightlife, go fishing, or hike the many trails. Timpoochee Trail is a great place to bike, deep-sea fish, or golf. The coastal dune lakes offer opportunities for kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding.

Review 30A Homes for Sale with Brad Dahler.

From the desirable real estate and immense opportunities for innovation and outdoor fun to the fantastic food and friendly neighborhoods, the 30A area is a great place to call home or invest. If you are ready to explore your options, contact real estate expert Brad Dahler to review exclusive listings of homes for sale in 30A FL and go over your real estate needs.