COVID Safety Measures to Keep in Mind When Hiring Removalists

The past year has been quite a journey, hasn’t it? The viral outbreak that shook the world shook a lot of businesses and households too resulting in a lot of small-time businesses closing shop and a lot of people moving back home. Needless to say, removalist companies were busy helping people reach their safe destination with a lot of safety measures kept in mind. Fast forward to 2021 and the pandemic is still here, lurking around the corner. 

We understand that stringent safety measures have now laxed a tad bit, but do we dare tread carelessly and fall victim again? We say no. That’s why Removalists in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and more have come up with a few COVID safe moving measures that can help both our removalists and the service receivers stay safe and protected. 

The Steps We are Currently Taking 

Sanitation is Our Priority 

The first and foremost step to keep in mind- sanitation. All our moving trucks, moving supplies, and heavy lifting equipment are sanitized on the daily. In fact, we have stocked our trucks with sanitizers and disinfectants to make the job easy.

Social Distancing is Still ‘In’ 

Moving homes and offices require a lot of personal supervision and attention, we agree! However, being socially distant and monitoring your valuables from a safe spot is the best way to make the move safe and hassle-free. Our Removalists In Epping and surroundings make sure they are keeping their distance while getting the job done. 

Staff Wellbeing is Never Compromised 

Removalists have to come in contact with a lot of stuff on a daily basis which is essentially why we make sure all our staffs are well equipped to the brim to tackle this deadly virus. Removalists should have their mask on at all times along with proper gloves, face shields, shoe protectors and more to make sure no personal contact is made. We also encourage removalist companies to conduct routine tests and welfare checks for their employees. 

Things To Keep in Mind When Hiring Removalists 

  • Please notify your removalist company in case of COVID exposure beforehand.
  • Any signs and symptoms of illness should also be notified 
  • Before the removalists show up, sanitize all the products, items, and valuables that are to be moved to make this safer for them.
  • Keep your mask on at all times and make sure you keep yourself socially distant at all times. 
  • Instead of manual surveys, shift to virtual surveys when you’re choosing your removalist. Check their website, online reviews and more to avoid personal contact as much as possible. 

The pandemic hasn’t been kind to us but we as a unit can work together (from our safe spaces) to make this happen. Before hiring removalists, make sure you ask them about their COVID measures and stay protected always!