Why should you refinance your mortgage? 

Refinancing a mortgage means taking a new mortgage. It can be opted for for many reasons. You’ve probably thought about it, but are concerned about whether it is a good option or not. 

Well, let’s help you out here. Why should you refinance your mortgage? Dive into this article and find out! 

#1 Refinancing the mortgage rate to a much lower rate 

The new lenders will try to offer a rate, but don’t just settle. You can always compare and find the best rate. 

You would need a reliable mortgage broker in this case because they are aware of all the pros and cons. 

#2 Consolidating debt with mortgage refinance 

Understand the difference between closing the credit and paying it down. If you wish to keep the credit line or card open or accessible once the refinance is done, then you should request the lender or broker to do so. 

Once you have a better salary or are in a better financial position, you can pay the mortgage at a faster pace. 

#3 Renovating your Home with Mortgage Refinancing 

You should get enough funds during the refinance. It should be able to cover the cost of updating the house or renovating it. Sometimes the cost goes over budget and there are no remaining funds. Once the renovation project is complete and you still have funds, you can put the money back into the mortgage. Please do focus on the kitchen and bathroom. This will help in increasing the market value of your home. 

#4 You get a better interest rate

If you are not exactly happy with the current lender (which could be a bank or any alternative financing), you could change the lender. 

Maybe they are offering a better interest rate as well. Refinancing rates are low as of now, but do check and compare with different lenders. If your credit has improved over a period of time, you are sure to get a reduced interest rate with a new lender. 

#5 Changing your paying timeline 

If you want a change in your repayment timeline, refinancing is the best option. A 20-year period can be changed to a 15-year period. This way you can reduce the timeline by 5 years. 

A shorter timeline raises the monthly payout, but you get free from the mortgage repayment sooner. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Prêteur hypothécaire privé Nord Est can help you out with this situation. With a mortgage broker by your side, you can get in touch with new lenders and opt for mortgage refinancing. It’s the best option for homeowners right now!