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Why Is Your Floor Drain Backing Up?

Drain backups can be a problem, especially when you are doing laundry or cooking. Although you might think that a plunger would solve the problem, it often leads to more serious problems. Here are some possible causes of blocked drains:

Lines that are clogged

The drain is usually not responsible for water backing up on the floor. The problem is usually caused by a blockage in the drainage line. The clogging can cause water to back up from the lowest fixture in your home, such as a bathtub drain or floor drain.

It may be necessary to have a professional plumber repair the problem in your drainage line. If you don’t, the clogs can build up and weaken your plumbing system.

Sewage problems

Backups can be caused by sewage material clogging your pipes. As the water is toxic, contaminated, or contaminated with pathogens, sewage-causing backups can pose a health hazard. It should be removed immediately.

Lines damaged

Floor drains can back up due to other reasons than clogs. You might find tree roots or wear on the lines.

These problems are more difficult to solve and require more time. You can put up barriers or fences that are deeper than the plumbing lines to keep tree roots from reaching them.

Foreign Objects

Toys, socks, and other small objects can lodge in the drains, clogging the lines. Although you can do it yourself with a plunger or a hammer, it is best to hire professional plumbers.

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