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What Is The Best Flooring To Put In A Kitchen?


Laminate flooring for kitchens:

Your kitchen floor has to deal with multiple challenges, from food scraps and dropped objects to footsteps and moisture. For these reasons, it is essential to choose a suitable and quality type of floor, which also suits your lifestyle and the aesthetics you want.

Are you looking for a floor that goes perfectly with the style of your kitchen? Do you want to give your kitchen a new look and don’t know what floor can be used for remodelling? Here we will show you the best foundations for your kitchen, which will serve you according to the space, needs and tastes you have. 

Laminate flooring for kitchens: the most functional

As a first option, you have laminate flooring, which, as its name indicates, is a set of glued and pressed sheets that offer an aesthetic appearance similar to wood. 

  • Having a laminate floor, you can give your kitchen a classic and elegant style thanks to the perfect imitation of wood that it offers. As a strong point, these floors do not require regular maintenance, and they do not get scratched by the rubbing of shoes, as could happen with other types of flooring.  
  • Even its installation is simple since there is no need to remove the old flooring. In addition, laminate floors withstand the passage of time, stains and the sun’s rays that can sneak into your kitchen. 
  • It has an optimal seal which prevents water from leaking and has a high level of resistance, both to wear and to impacts, making it a highly recommended floor. 

Laminate floors with different types of finishes for kitchens

The laminate floors we offer at Click Tarima have a wide range of finishes. The flooring sheets imitate any wood (or other materials), with drawings and finish so natural that you will not know if it is a laminate floor or one made of genuine natural wood. 

You can choose finishes such as Palmer fir and Siberia, models that give a unique feeling of warmth. You also have smoked acacia and maple available, with colours and styles that range from almond to a black and white drawing that exudes modernity in each line. 

Wooden floors for kitchens: classic and cosy

While laminate flooring can be a fantastic and innovative imitation, you may prefer and be willing to care for a natural wood floor.

  • The parquet offers warmth to the environment, not to mention how comfortable and pleasant they can be to the touch.
  • Wood, a classic floor seen in the most beautiful and ancient houses, never goes out of style and adapts to different types. Being a natural material, each floor is unique and unrepeatable, housing its veins, knots and drawings. As if that were not enough, it is a renewable, recyclable floor with solid and durable consistency.
  • Different types of wood can be found: solid flooring to slats or multilayer parquet.
  • A kitchen parquet is a very suitable option if this room opens onto the living or dining room. This is if we seek to create a visual continuity between one or more environments.

The best models of floating parquet for kitchen

At Click Tarima, we have an incredible variety of models with proven quality that will allow you to choose from among the best on the market. 

You can find types of wood and colours, for example, Meister Parquet floors in American walnut, which are suitable for rooms of all sizes. 

You also have others, such as Canadian maple, ash, and beech wood. All, without exception, maintain the same style, which is based on inserting the planks into one another without visible joints, resulting in a very homogeneous surface. 

Accompanied by bright and elegant colours that are modern at the same time, Click Tarima’s wooden floors will meet each of your expectations. 


Vinyl flooring for kitchens: a world of possibilities 

This type of kitchen flooring is made from a plastic material (PVC) and can be manufactured in various designs, textures and finishes.

  • Currently, this material is among the fashionable materials due to its versatility and durability, and there are multiple options on the market with different degrees of hardness and resistance.
  • It has a very affordable price, although it often varies depending on the quality and characteristics of the plastic.
  • These are characterised by their resistance to water, in addition to their ease of cleaning. 
  • They are ideal for reform projects due to their possible application on existing soil. Different presentations of this material can be found, generally in rolls, tiles and slats; you can even get it in self-adhesive or click format.

However, its main drawback is that if the adhesive is not applied well, it will lift over time and need to be replaced. For this reason, the most recommended option is vinyl flooring, which is also 100% waterproof.

  • It should also be said that these floors are not recommended for environments with radiant heating, as well as places with a lot of sunlight, since they tend to discolour over time.

If you ignore these small details, you can come across a highly recommended material which will last as long or longer than the previous types of flooring. 


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