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The Best Ways To Incorporate Brass Into Your Bathroom Design

For many years, Chrome has dominated the tap and shower hardware finishes trends, however, brass has started to make waves as the biggest bathroom trend to emerge this year, and it is a trend that is continuing to grow. Brushed and unlacquered brass particularly have become popular bathroom finish options for homeowners in recent years owing to their classical but elegant touch, but styling your bathroom with them can often be challenging.

If you’re seeking a contemporary look in your bathroom, brushed brass is the better option as it provides an exquisite gold finish with a brushed stroke aesthetic which adds texture. Brushed brass is also exceedingly durable whilst providing a stylish and luxurious appeal. Aqualisa has recently brought their Midas 200 shower range out in a brushed brass finish which fits perfectly into any family bathroom and can help add character to your bathroom’s design.

If you’re after more of a rustic look, unlacquered brass is perfect for creating more of a unique feel to your bathroom with its ageing process revealing distinct texture and colour changes with it tarnishing and aging over time. As it is left uncoated, unlacquered brass evolves into a golden finish which goes well with natural stones such as marble, which would look great in a bathroom. Another great look to go for with unlacquered brass is ‘modern rustic’, which you can achieve easily against rustic wood and slate floor tiles.

Green paint and tiles have been praised by interior designers for complimenting brass bathroom hardware as it allows the vibrancy of the brushed or unlacquered brass finish to come out and add a contemporary warmth to complete your bathroom space. In addition to green, blue is also a great choice to pair with brass in a bathroom. Blue-painted walls or tiles, particularly herringbone go particularly well with brass as the colour blue is naturally linked to water as well as promotes a calming climate within a room.

Finally, retro tiles such as metro and hexagon tiles work really well with brass finishes. Tiles look fantastic but they are also very practical. As a result of many new ceramic and porcelain tile designs nodding to current trends such as the retro style, there is a great deal of tile options available to help you incoprate a fun character to a bathroom to work in harmony with your brass hardware finishes.