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Signs of Carpet Beetles Infestation and Tips to Eliminate

Carpet beetles are small pests that can cause severe damage to carpets, clothes, upholstery furniture, and bedding. The young carpet beetles and their larvae survive on natural fibers like silk, wool, leather even pet hair. The adult carpet beetles eat plants, flowers, and pollen.

Carpet beetles have oval bodies with striped shells of white, black, and orange or yellow. Adults are 4mm long. The adults lay 100+ eggs simultaneously, which take around 2 to 4 weeks to hatch. Larvae are larger than adult beetle…2.5cm long with black or light brown color.

The larvae have bristly hair that irritates human skin. They don’t damage property but objects like carpets, furniture, or bedding. If left to breed without taking steps to call the pest control Salford professionals the issue can worsen. It is sensible for homeowners in Salford to contact the professionals if they see carpet beetle infestation signs

When you see an adult carpet beetle inside the house, it indicates there are larvae laid somewhere. They are attracted to light, so the possibility to find them around windows and bulbs is more.

Holes and damage in fabric items are an indication there are larvae around. Adults possibly lay eggs where sufficient food is available for their young ones. Therefore, look for such hotspots. Areas away from direct sunlight are even preferred like shady corners or along skirting boards.

Areas to find carpet beetles

  • Carpet
  • Clothes
  • Curtains
  • Furniture
  • Soft furnishings
  • Taxidermy
  • Animal beds
  • Potpourri
  • Birds nest on the roof or in the chimney
  • Pet biscuits
  • Bedding
  • Flour & dried pasta
  • Plants & flowers

Carpet beetles don’t harm humans but cause bumpy skin and rashes due to their airborne fibers. They can impact the respiratory tract or cause eye irritation. So the moment you identify carpet beetles start treating the problem.

Tips to eliminate carpet beetles infestation

Vacuum regularly

The larvae survive on debris within the carpet like dead insects, dead skin, and human/pet hair. Regular vacuuming means there is less food for carpet beetles to survive on. Vacuuming even hoover up the larvae.

Steam cleaning

Just like vacuuming, heat, and moisture from steam cleaning hard surfaces eliminate remaining larvae and beetles.

Wipe/spray surface with vinegar

Wipe the surfaces, shelves, window sills, hangers, and drawers with vinegar mixture. Make sure that any food or dirt residue is cleaned regularly.

Thoroughly clean infected areas

Ensure to regularly wipe furniture surfaces and soft furnishings. Use pesticides carefully because they are not eco-friendly. Throw infected items like clothes, and soft furnishing and throws them inside the washing machine and wash them at high temperature. It helps to kill the larvae. Before washing check the labels.

Check the plants

Always check your indoor plants and flowers, while watering or wiping the leaves.

Seal gaps

Ensure there are no gaps around the windows and doors. If there are cracks seal and secure them.

Keep dried food sealed

Carpet beetles prefer dried goods like dried pasta and flour. Ensure to store food in tightly sealed containers.

If you feel the issue is uncontrollable contact licensed pest control services!