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Retractable Fly Screens Keep Insects At Bay Without Hindering The Outside View

Retractable or roller flyscreens have made a place in modern architecture as it is gaining momentum with homeowners. This is an excellent way to keep away mosquitoes, flies, and other insects,especially during the Summer and Spring season in the UK. Moreover, the mesh does not obstruct the outside view and does not compromise theinterior design of your home.

Excellent choice for doors and windows

The screen rolls back into a cassette when opened just like a blind. They are great for Sliding doors, Bi-fold doors, Stacker doors, French doors, Pivot doors, Casement windows, and Awning windows.

If you are planning to buy roller fly screensfor your home or business, check with Premier Screens Ltd for their pull-down, window flyscreens that are easy to install and form a completely sealed unit to the window frame or reveal allowing to keep out all insects while letting in fresh air and sunlight.

They use durable nylon components and aluminium frames ensuring seamless operation and long durable life.

The company offers different kinds of flyscreen mesh:

  • Easy View Mosquito Mesh: This has 18 to 16 strands for keeping out most of the mosquitoes, flies, bees, wasps, spiders, etc. It allows excellent visibility and good air circulation keeping your rooms cool.
  • Midge Mesh: Has fine weaves to keep out the small midges and large flies
  • Toughened Mesh: Has additional coating that protects against the occasional claw swipes
  • Pollen Mesh: Keeps out flies, pollens, and other allergens.

They provide retractable flyscreens as cut-to-size kits that are ready to be assembled. They also offer a complete design and free installation service.

Check the many benefits of using roller flyscreens.

Allows breeze in and insects out

As compared to the traditional doors and windows, the mesh of the roller flyscreens allows fresh natural breeze and sunlight to enter the house while keeping away bees, mosquitoes, and any kind of insect.

No hindrance to views

With roller flyscreens, there is no need to keep your doors and windows shut the entire day. These screens work excellently with large openings of doors and windows. They are a great solution to keep insects away without putting any hindrance to the outside views.

How to maintain it?

1)Cleaning the top and bottom guides for a smooth movement

Aluminum guides can collect dust and debris. Removing the build-up is quite easy and also important for the smooth movement of the roller flyscreen.

  • Retract the screen
  • Remove dust and dirt with a soft cloth or a soft brush nozzle of the vacuum cleaner
  • You need to keep cleaning it often if you stay in a dusty or coastal area.

2) Cleaning the mesh maintains unobstructed view and airflow

  • Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft nozzle brush to remove any buildup when the screen is fully extended
  • Be careful not to tear or rip the mesh.

Retractable flyscreens are easy to use and install. It allows you to view outdoors even with closed doors.This handy device is discreet since they only show the canister in use making all those extra bits invisible that might be sticking out in some other designs.