Planning and Preparation for Tornado Destruction

Tornadoes are a serious threat that should not be neglected or minimized. When you reside in the Midwest, where weather events like tornadoes are widespread, you have to know the precautions you must take to protect yourself and your family. It is also vital to understand what measures to take if a tornado damages your possessions and you need to restore your home.

Creating a Safe Place to Stay

Making a “safe room” is a key step in tornado preparation. Either through the cellar below the house, which would be preferable, or from a nearby shop. Safe rooms purchased from a vendor are usually made of metal and without windows. This will shield you and those you love from glass fragments.

If you have a tornado-safe chamber in your basement, verify that it has no windows and enough nonperishable boxed or canned goods and water to last a few weeks, depending on the severity of the storm. The various pieces of gear in your safe room should be maintained with the same care and thought as the safe area itself.

Storing Emergency Supplies

When planning for a disaster, whether it is a fire or a tornado, there are several variables to consider. This might encompass everything from food to beverages to safety. Before sitting down with your family and friends to ride out a tornado, it is critical to assess all three of these factors.


It is critical to stock your safe space with nonperishable items that don’t need any preparation before eating. This category includes dry or canned products such as fruits and vegetables, as well as canned meats such as Spam and other meals. Because they can survive the environment without affecting their quality or overall flavor, you can keep your safe space for a long time without worrying about what’s inside deteriorating. Make sure you have a can opener on hand before you begin.


Another important consideration is your capacity to access clean and safe drinking water. Consider the following scenarios as possible alternatives:

  • Filtration systems for water
  • Water kept in containers
  • Straws and personal filtration bottles

If you are forced to take refuge in one spot until aid comes or you can be reached, having a supply of safe drinking water will very certainly decide your level of survival. You can get flavor packets or packaged juice in your safe room if you don’t want to drink plain water.

What to Do After the Storm Is Over

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