Lighting Lamps: Main Factors to Consider

Lamps might be an ancient invention but they are as much a part of modern life as computers are. The only difference between ancient lamps and modern lamps is that modern lamps are more efficient, durable, and adjustable. 

Modern lamps are the electric version of ancient lamps. In the ancient world, lamps were used as primary light sources during the night. Now, LED lights have taken over. 

Lamps today are used only for aesthetic purposes. They add tremendous beauty, glory, and a sense of elegance to indoor spaces. If you want to enhance the beauty of your room, one way to do that is to install high-quality and beautiful lamps. 

You can consider going for Union Lighting lamps that are affordable, durable, high-quality, and come in various designs. 

The question you might ask is how to pick the right lamp. Choosing lamps is an exciting process and it is also a very challenging one. You have to take many things into account, such as design, style, color, price, nature of light, etc. 

Let’s take a look at some of the main factors you need to look at while choosing a lamp. 

  • Consider Form and Function

You need to ask yourself what kind of lamp you need. There are so many types, such as table lamps, floor lamps, wall-mounted lamps, etc. 

You also need to ask yourself how you will be using it and where. For example, if you are using the lamp outside you should go for weather-resistant outdoor lamps.

  • Consider the Size

Lamps come in many sizes. It is important to get the size of the lamp right. For instance, it would be a really bad idea to choose a large lamp for your table. That’s why most table lamps are small. 

If you still want a big lamp for your table’s side you can go for a standing floor lamp. It really should depend on where you want to put your lamp.

  • Easily Portable Lamps

Lamps should be easily portable. Although you may buy them for a specific portion of your house, it’s better that you can adjust them when you need to. 

Easily portable lamps are good because you can take them with you outside when you want to sit in your outdoor space for some fresh air. 


Lamps are a great way of decorating your house. The key to having a good lamp is to make sure it has the right form and functions according to your needs. 

Size matters a lot when it comes to perfect lamps. Lamps are supposed to enhance the beauty of your house, which is why you must choose them very carefully.