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Knowing Everything About Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles and the industry of tiles as a whole is a vast subject to understand. Right from the manufacturing to the types and its usage, there is a lot that one needs to understand before making a purchase. It is not enough to just browse through the internet and expect to gain valuable information about the same. Hence, we are collating all the necessary details you need to know about porcelain tiles comprehensively.

What is it?

Porcelain is a tile material that is made using clay as a raw material and is baked at a very high temperature. It is normally glazed. This glaze prevents the tiles from absorbing water, liquids or moisture. This glaze is normally created through baking when the tile is manufactured. Hence, it is not absorbed into the tile as a whole. This serves as a great coating against any form of spills on the surface. This is a lot denser than ceramic material and since some of them are frost-resistant, they can be used outdoors too.

What are the benefits?

  • These tiles are extremely durable since they are fired at higher temperatures. They are hard, dense, and robust.
  • These tiles are stain-safe and hence, maintaining them is extremely easier. They do not absorb the liquids and the stains can easily be wiped out.
  • They are extremely durable, which makes them safe to be used for high traffic areas. They do not develop bald spots.
  • Not being made of composite materials, their look and finish on the surfaces are much better than ceramics.
  • Their designs are known to last longer. Also, they do not fade in the sunlight and can be polished over time to get their look back.

What are its types?

Raw porcelain is normally made in multiple natural forms. However, there are a few popular types derived from it.

  • Glazed tiles- The fired tiles are treated with an additional glazed finish. This makes it stronger.
  • Double charged tiles- These tiles can be polished, semi-polished, matte or glazed. The manufacturing takes place by fusing two types of clay.
  • Full body tiles- They are costly but their longevity and quality are extremely high.
  • Stone finish tiles- These come in designs which imitate stone finish. They are used for external wall cladding.

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