How To Remove Rats Inhabiting The Toilet?

There’s a slim chance that you lift the toilet lid and find rats in toilet bowl. However, such a situation does occasionally arise. One way to get rid of rats in the toilet is to quickly shut the lid and flush the toilet. Flushing will most likely not return the rat to the sewer, but it will give you enough time to pour bleach into the toilet bowl.

If you are someone who has been suffering from rats climbing up your toilet pipe, you are not alone. Pest control companies receive numerous calls from homeowners who are worried about rat problems and are unsure how to get rid of entry points for rats.

Getting Rid Of Rat Entry Points

Most likely, you have an inspection chamber that is located outside your house. This is amazing because this way, you can get a quick access point that you can use to stop rats from entering your home through this sewer system.

The alternate way to block the sewer rats from entering through your toilet can be done via the use of a rat blocker or a non-return valve. These are stainless steel flaps that get attached to the sewer drain. The valve contains a flap on the end, which allows the wastewater to pass, but it does not allow any movement from the opposite side. Thus, it keeps the rats from entering into the valve from the severe system.

How To Get Rid Of Existing Rats In The Toilet?

You may have wondered why rats prefer to stay or pass through the sewer system in the first place. Rats prefer sewer because these habitats are dark, moist, and safe, which are three primary qualities that attract rats. To block the rat entry points, there are a few things you must keep in mind.

Inspect The Pipes And Drains

First, you must ensure that all the pipework is sealed and does not possess any easy entry points for rats. Make sure that holes or openings are absent in the discharge stacks and the line themselves. Perform a routine inspection around your home. If you notice any openings, call the drainage professional for help.


Rats also gain access to your home via the ventilation pipes. To prevent this, you will need something like a trap to close such rat entry points. If your home has a discharge stack, rats may use this to try and enter from outside. Install metal cages above the pipes in the discharge stacks. This small action will keep rats from gaining access to the discharge pipes.


Rats in the toilet are a pretty common problem with an easy solution. To keep rats away from your property:

  • Identify rat entry sources and the extent of the infestation.
  • Following this, treat the whole house as well as the pipes with rodenticides.
  • Within a week, return reset dispose of any dead rats. You will start seeing a drop in the number of rats in a week.