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How Do You Maintain Wood Docks?

Are you a fan of marine life, but worried about your dock’s safety and durability? Spending time on the water is a refreshing experience, especially in the summer. However, without proper dock maintenance, you may risk losing your valuable equipment.

Protect the Wood

Wood is an excellent decking material for marine applications, but it can weather quickly when exposed to moisture. To enhance its durability, it’s important to protect the wood from water and rot. Consider using treated wood, which offers enhanced resistance to moisture. If you notice any susceptibility to mildew or drying, seal the treated wood and reseal it regularly to maintain its good condition.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is crucial for maintaining the longevity of your boat dock. The accumulation of debris and dirt on various parts of the dock can pose a serious risk. Utilize a power washer as an effective tool for cleaning, ensuring you understand how to use it properly to avoid damaging the decking. Cleaning routines should include:

  • Removing mildew spots and growth
  • Clearing mud and soil deposits
  • Surface cleaning with a brush to remove dirt

Customize your cleaning approach based on the condition and size of your docks.

Repair Broken Parts

Inspect your boat dock regularly to identify any broken or loose parts. Under pressure, certain sections of the wooden structure may break or become compromised. Swiftly repair any damages you notice and replace any severely damaged wood or hardware components. High-quality replacement parts, including decking screws, can be found in stores. Ensuring the structural integrity of your dock is essential for the safety of your boat.

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