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Home Tips:  How to Buy the Best Air Conditioner for your Home

Finding a good air conditioner is not that easy today. With so many brands in the market, it is overwhelming when you are in the market to get the best for yourself and your family. However, when you know what features you should look for in a quality AC, it is difficult to pick one that meets your specifications.

A top-quality 12v dc air conditioner should offer a respite to your home when the temperatures are high and give you the benefit of air purification.  It should also control the humidity level in the house and warm up your living space during the cold winters.  

There is plenty of AC in the online market, and before you visit your next electronic shop, here are some tips you want to know.

  1. Buy for your needs

An AC is not a piece of décor for your home. You are buying it to help you keep your home fresh, and it should serve this purpose and function always. Therefore, when you shop for the correct type of AC, it should meet all your needs.

You should have your list of requirements, budget, and home layout before you can choose an AC for your home. 

  1. Choose by type

There are different types of units you can choose in the market, depending on your home layout. You can go for split, window, and portable AC.  A window AC is mounted close to the window as a single unit and effectively regulates the temperature inside your home.

 On the other hand, a split AC has a compressor and condenser units that are mounted outside your home. The blower is mounted inside your home. 

A portable AC is not mounted in a specific place in your home. You can move it from place to place and keep the room fresh.  Choose your next AC from Furrion by type to get one that suits your home layout.

  1. Double-check the cooling capacity

When shopping for the best AC in the market, go as far as checking the cooling capacity measure in BTUs.  The cooling capacity is the amount of heat the air conditioner can generate from the air per unit of time.

The BTU rating of the AC determines its cooling capacity. Therefore, getting the right unit for your room is more important.  If you find an AC with a low cooling capacity, it won’t be able to cool down your home quickly.

Apart from the cooling capacity of the AC, other factors such as the window size, height of the room, and the mean room temperature can all affect how your AC cools down.

  1. Think of energy efficiency

When buying an AC, you should always think green. That means you should go for an air conditioner that will not eat your electricity bills. It should be energy efficient. When shopping for an AC, you should look at the energy efficiency ratings.

This is usually given in the form of stars. A five-star rating on the AC means that the AC will save you a lot on your electricity bill.  You should make it a point to pick an AC with a minimum of three stars if you cannot find a five-star in the market.

  1.   Consider the noise

Well, you want to keep your home fresh and warm in the winter, but you should also be wary of the noise from your AC. That said, you should look for an AC with the highest rating on noise reduction. The best AC should have a high cooling capacity and the lowest noise pollution to give you peace of mind. 

The best model, in this case, is one that has excellent ratings in noise tests and is so quiet that you can get the sound of your fan running. An AC with fair noise ratings is not the best. This can wake light sleepers and disturb when you adjust them on the high.

  1. The filter location

The air filter is an essential part of an AC. When you get some new air conditioner, make sure you can access the air filter location.  You will be cleaning the air filter most of the time, which means it should be easy to find. Cleaning the air filter keeps your AC in perfect condition.

  1. Check for warranty

You spend a lot when buying an AC unit. It is a worthy investment, and for such, it should come with a warranty clause.  The kind of warranty you get on your air conditioner will depend on the model you buy.

Some models come with a more extended warranty than others.  When buying a new unit for your home, you should ensure you check the manufacturer’s website for any warranty information. Don’t forget to ask the retailer for a warranty on the unit you want to buy.

  1. Key features

Some of the unique features you should look for in your AC include:

  • Fan speed:  Go for an AC with a wide airflow range and multiple fan speeds. This will help your room to cool down fast.
  • Operating modes: Your ac should have multiple operating modes like a fan only, auto, cool, economy, dry, cool, heat, and many more.  The economy mode will reduce power consumption.
  • Sensor: Check if your AC comes with a human presence sensor. This feature helps the air conditioner sense if someone is in the room, keeping it working.
  • App control: If you want to set your AC to start working on your way home, you should go for a model that connects to a wireless network.
  • Sleep mode:  This function will adjust the temperature in steps that are comfortable for you to fall asleep.  The air conditioner should not be working extra hard when you are asleep.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot to consider when buying an air conditioner for your home. If you are buying your first model of AC, you should look at some basic features like cooling capacity, energy efficiency, noise reduction, and control. Find out if the unit comes with a manufacturer warranty before making that move to buy it.