Here are Some Tips to Perfect Your Deck Renovations

Decks are one of the most important parts of your household. An unsteady and damaged deck can be dangerous, putting the safety of your house in jeopardy. Thus, its regular maintenance is of the utmost importance. This is where the renovation of the old deck becomes mandatory.

So, here are some expert tips to consider when opting to renovate your deck. 

Demolish the old deck first 

Existing decks can be pinned in two different ways. One of them being through nails. In that case, pulling up the deck can be easy. However, if your existing deck is screwed to the base, pulling it up can be difficult. Consider prying the whole board at once. You can then remove any leftover screws to clear the area. A deck wrecker can be a useful tool in this case. 

Flash the ledger 

Old decks usually do not come with flashes on the ledger board. However, if you are renovating the whole structure, install flashing between the ledger board and the water-resistant base. This drives the water away from the deck and prevents it from damping. 

Remove the rotten posts 

Rotten posts under the deck can be signs of risk to the whole balance game. If you find rotten posts, immediately change them. Use hydraulic jacks to hoist the deck up. Hoist it up enough to remove and replace the rotten post. Ensure that the jacks are set on firm ground. Any unnecessary movement can bring the entire structure down. 

Fill the hanger nails 

Nails hold the entire structure together. Replace any existing nails that are covered in rust. Also, check for missing nails and fill the empty holes with hanger nails to strengthen the structure. 

Prevent joist rotting 

Joists are an integral part of the deck. Rotting joists can damage the entire structure. In that case, wrap the joists in quality joist tapes when setting up the structure. Immediately replace rotten joists if you find one. The tape usually goes around the deck screws that prevent flowing of water and eventually rotting. 

Strengthen the middle area

Composite decks need to be strengthened from the middle. This allows it to take up the maximum weight over it. Moreover, it strengthens the rest of the structure as well. Use high-quality posts to set up in the middle. Ideally, using screws to attach the supporting post increases the longevity of the deck. 

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