Granite Kitchen Countertops have Certain Exclusive Benefits

When you update your kitchen countertops, it is a great way to bring a whole new look and feel to your space. However, the question about picking the right material still exists. The popular choices always remain for granite and this is sought-after by almost every other individual. This natural stone sees high demand for its properties of being luxurious and hard at the same time. Here are some other benefits of the stone listed below.

Resists chipping and scratching

The most popular reason for choosing granite over other stones is its ability to resist chipping and scratching. It is a highly durable stone that is ranked just below diamonds in terms of hardness. But one needs to be very cautious while using sharp objects on the material because they can be sharp enough to mar the surface.

Highly affordable

This is also a reason why most homeowners are picking this countertop material over others. The prices range from as low as $40 per square foot to up to $200. This also includes the installation costs. But the price, however, depends entirely on the thickness of the slab that you are purchasing. If you are low on budget, you can always try granite tiles to refurb your countertop. Once installed and maintained, these countertops can last for about 30 years or so.

Heat, moisture, and stain resistant

Besides being resistant to chipping and scratching, it also prevents moisture and stains when the right sealant is applied. As the material is porous, it is essential to seal it to protect it from etching from exposure to alkalis and acids. The resistance of the granite can be well maintained by applying sealant once a year. Also, it is wise to wipe off any food or liquid spill. This would prevent staining. To not take the resistance to the extreme level, it is advisable to not put extremely hot pans over the stone directly.

Adds value

If you want to increase the value of your kitchen, it is granite that can help you do so. The granite installation is a very high-quality addition to your kitchen and it will help you recoup your investment. All you need to do is install the countertop with hidden support brackets and you are good to go.

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