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Benefits of Installing Intelligent Toilets in India

Smart is the new normal, with the latest technology trends coming to the surface every day. With smart TVs and phones, it’s now time to welcome smart toilets into your home. But a lot of people are not convinced about installing smart toilets in their homes. Continue scrolling to learn about the different benefits of smart toilets and understand why they are a worthwhile investment.

1.   User-Friendly and Adaptable

Smart toilets can easily adapt to the needs of the user with multiple functions. They are designed to ensure hygiene for all types of bodies. The models are usually intuitive and enable users to access different cleaning and drying functions with ease.

Some smart toilets also offer several customization features to users. For instance, users can adjust the water pressure of a smart toilet. Additionally, users can adjust the air and water temperatures according to the preferences of the user.

2.   Improve Your Daily Hygiene

When you start using smart toilets, cleaning the intimate areas of your body becomes easy and hassle-free. Some models come with integrated bidets that can help wash your anal and perianal regions. The drying function ensures that hot water gently dries your skin after washing. You can also adjust the nozzle of the smart toilet for comprehensive intimate hygiene.

3.   Suitable for Different Bathroom Sizes

Regular toilets come with a separate bidet and a WC. But smart toilets are a 2-in-1 solution occupying less space inside the bathroom. The sleek and minimalist nature of smart toilets makes them suitable for different types of bathroom designs.

You will come across floor-standing as well as wall-hung models, and you can pick one according to the amount of space available inside your bathroom. They are extremely easy to install, and all you need is a conventional water outlet and power supply.

4.   Easy to Clean

Intelligent toilets are preferred by several Indian households because they are easy to clean. The toilet cleans itself before and after every use to guarantee maximum hygiene. Moreover, intelligent toilets come with a touchless facility. Since you don’t have to touch to flush, smart toilets can prevent the spread of germs.

5.   Environment-Friendly

Smart toilets end up using less water than traditional toilets. Despite having a sprayer, smart toilets use a low amount of water. Additionally, smart toilets can tell you how much water is necessary for every flush. It will never use extra water than what is required to prevent the wastage of water.

Additionally, intelligent toilets come with a spraying feature that can reduce the use of toilet paper. Moreover, smart toilets can also help prevent clogging and overflowing due to toilet paper.

6.   Increased Comfort

Sitting on a cold toilet seat, especially during the winter, can be traumatic. But smart toilets come with a special feature that can help warm up the seats. It will ensure that you feel comfortable while using the toilet every time.

7.   Suitable for Disabled Individuals

Intelligent toilets are helpful for people with mobility issues, including the elderly and disabled individuals. The cleaning and drying functions will ensure that they can easily wash and clean, intimate areas. Smart toilets also reduce the risk of falls and slip inside the bathroom.

Parting Words

Smart toilets are likely to become more prevalent in the future. The multiple advantages of smart toilets make them an extremely prudent investment. Browse through the collection at Kohler and invest in a smart toilet today!

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