Bathroom Items to Make Life Easier for Older Individuals

Each individual on the earth has different demands, and even the most basic tasks can be challenging for others. Because of their age or health, people may find it difficult to live with as much freedom as they desire. This may prove truly aggravating for them.

Fortunately, as a more significant number of people become aware of these needs, better resources and tools can help them become accessible. This is especially important in places of the house where needing assistance may be deemed embarrassing, such as the restroom. If you need something for yourself or want to improve your home for a loved one, the equipment listed below may be helpful.


For certain individuals, sitting is tough, and standing up is even more challenging. It may take a little while for some people, and it could be harmful in some scenarios. They may slip or crash if they move too rapidly.

A handrail alongside the toilet or within the bathtub can help individuals in need avoid having to rely on other people. This device can also assist cane users by allowing them to secure their walking sticks on the rail while performing other tasks.

Shower Seats

Showers are usually 10 to 15 minutes long, and standing for so long is difficult for older or frail people. Standing for a lengthy amount of time can cause severe soreness in the elderly since their joints and bones begin to degrade as they age. In addition, due to the smooth finish of a shower floor, some may slip and injure themselves.

Shower chairs allow people to bathe comfortably while keeping their soap and shampoo closer to reach. If they just use a bathtub and not a shower, a walk-in tub would be an excellent complement to this seat. They will be free to enter without having to cross the abyss.

Toilets With Hands-Free Operation

Using toilets is a common occurrence that occurs numerous times during the day. While many of us find this straightforward and simple, others find it challenging to sit on the toilet seat. Nobody wants to seek help with something so personal. As a result, putting in a smart toilet could prove crucial.

You have no reason to fret about anything other than how to operate the remote when you purchase a product like the Swan Toilets toilet. The Swan Model S Pro, which doubles as a toilet and a bidet, simplifies life by removing the demand for toilet paper and mechanically opening and closing when someone is ready to sit.

Even more remarkable is the Swan S Pro’s smart toilet seat, which has a warmer to keep everyone’s bottoms warm while they relieve themselves. This is especially important for persons who have disabilities or anal issues since they might devote a more extended period to the toilet than average people.

Due to its features, this toilet is great for teaching young children how to use the toilet! They tend to forget to wipe afterward, so utilizing a bidet keeps them tidy, and the heated seat helps them from whining when they have to sit.

Look Into Assistance Services

Regardless of their value, not everyone can afford all of the necessary equipment. Luckily, different government initiatives are available to help those in greatest need. You can look into your state’s financial assistance programs to see whether you or a loved one qualifies for aid in obtaining the necessary instruments.

Even if the Swan S Pro does not fall into this category, it remains an excellent purchase. The toilet includes over 35 different characteristics that may be customized for each individual user. Consumers may pay as little as $70 per month as an added bonus, making financing much more reasonable. Visit the Swan Toilets website to learn more about this concept.

Every person has the right to be as self-sufficient as possible, even if it involves doing a few home improvements. Keep the recommendations above in mind whenever you need to make another person’s restroom journey more comfortable.