Bathroom Counter Refinish, Verrado Granite, Contractor – What to Know

Some homeowners purchased a house in Arizona with their plans of remodeling or refurnishing the property, especially when it’s quite old. However, reconstructions aren’t always necessary indoors, unless something is faulty and repairs must be considered. Sometimes, a project makeover is all you need to improve your home’s aesthetics and value.

This is an ideal consideration to brood over when dealing with countertops in the bathroom for instance that could have aged and need refinishing. Why don’t you take a look at https://arizonainterior.com/bathroom-remodel/ for more ideas? With our bathroom’s functionality, I supposed there won’t be a need for major reconstructions as long as the right materials are integrated.

Keep in mind that interior designs are greatly considered if you’d like an amazing place to stay and those countertops can’t be overlooked. Let’s not forget that these contractors for such projects should have expertise in all fields to extend the overall functionality. Thus, make sure your house in Verrado will be handled by experienced professionals in home makeover, refinishing, and remodeling.


Remodeling doesn’t always mean to demolish everything in your bathroom. You may replace furniture and machines when they’re worn off but for a countertop, you’d need to consider its structure or foundation. This means that if it’s still firm and solid, then all you need is to refinish it which would be more cost-efficient.

Imagine how much time and money you can save with this project. You’ll be spending less on the materials and labor. Most importantly, professionals can finish their job in less than 24 hours, thus, it won’t be that inconvenient.

With proper care and regular maintenance, you can even extend its shelf life since it will certainly be more durable. After completion, the texture, design, and surface will make your bathroom look fresh. So be very sure to choose a material that suits your preferred style and home – see this site for more info on the Verrado lifestyle.

Materials for Bathroom Countertops

I guess, most of you would love to have a personal touch on this. However, we’re not always sure of what’s best since it’s not our expertise.

Look at your priorities and figure out which is more important. Would you go for aesthetics, quality, affordability, or maintenance? It could be confusing, thus, consult a contractor for options.


It’s heat-resistant so that’s a plus and ideal for kitchens. This material is also scratch-resistant so it’s great since we sometimes find sharp objects in the washroom. For example, we can find here a pair of scissors or shaving machines that come with blades.

This became a popular choice due to its durability. Aside from that it doesn’t stain, thus, you can simply use detergents to clean the surface.

Such a stone is engineered which make its appearance consistent rather than other natural ones. Because of this, repairing and replacing them is also easy.


Just like quartz, granites are also a bit pricey but these natural stones will surely make your bathrooms luxurious. It also offers the same toughness, thus, it’s heat, scratch, and stain-resistant. So it’s an ideal option as well since it can withstand all sorts of elements in the powder room.

What you need to manage is liquid substances because these may damage the sealing. You should keep the surface dry to prolong its shelf life and prevent building up bacteria. But don’t use ordinary detergents when cleaning granite because you can find specific cleaning tools for this.


Another option for an elegant bathroom counter material is marble. It’s a unique slab of stone that will make your washrooms stand out. You’ll surely find an impressive color tailored to your preferences.

However, it requires more maintenance than granite. Thus, make sure to keep an eye on the sealing because liquid substances won’t get off easily. Ignoring it would cause stains so always dry the surface if you don’t want to waste money on this expensive stone.


If you’re on a tight budget, then choose laminated materials. It’s affordable, easy to maintain, and comes with a variety of designs. Thus, you have a lot of options here.

Cleaning the surface isn’t a problem here. But its heat resistance isn’t as great as quartz and granite. Let’s say that it’s less durable than other choices, but repairs and replacements won’t cost much.

Cultured Marble

This is another affordable option. But it’s also durable since this is made of resin and marble dust.

It will provide you with a wide range of options, especially when you want a customized design. Molding, shaping, as well as, sizing won’t be an issue for the experts and doesn’t require grout linings.

You won’t be troubled with cleaning since it’s stain-resistant. Pretty sure it will last longer with proper care.


When you have plans to refinish your bathroom counter, make sure to read the following:

  • If you’d like to reach your goal, then hire the right contractor from your locality. Don’t try doing things yourself if you’re not skilled. Some of you might be confident but it’s better to trust professionals with this.
  • The wrong choice of materials affects your counter and bathroom’s overall appearance, as well as, shelf life. Aside from that, you’ll be spending on this project, thus, your funds shouldn’t be wasted. Therefore, you should ask for an expert’s advice and choose the perfect stone for your desired style.
  • We usually decide on the stone color but if we’re not that skilled when it comes to aesthetics, leave it to professionals. You won’t surely be proud of mismatching hues and once applied, it would cost much to replace them. Therefore, choose something that won’t easily get stained and match your bathroom’s furniture.
  • Too tight funding is an issue when your budget isn’t ready but the project already started. You can’t cut costs because this will affect the functionality, aesthetics, durability, and shelf life of the countertop. Imagine the worst thing that may happen when you have to cut down your expenses and you’ll just be disappointed.