8 Ways to Save Your Ventilation Ducts from Moisture Contamination

You might be wondering about what humidity has to do with ducts and their efficiency. Well, humidity may make your ducts and your ventilation system utterly counterproductive if it is not monitored and maintained properly. 

The obvious and more general problem related to ducts is contamination, which always gets the most attention. However, fewer people realize that if your ducts are improperly wet, it can not only enhance their contamination but also lead to more contamination both in the ducts and in the air. 

Keeping your ducts safe against improper moisture is utterly important. Since most duct cleaners underestimate this problem, you should always be conscious about the duct cleaner you hire and should always go for experts like Nettoyage Imperial

Take help from the following suggestions and tips in order to prevent your ducts from moisture contamination:

    1. Apply moisture control procedures and techniques inside all your ducts. Ducts are supposed to be completely free of any moisture. If there is moisture inside your duct, it may lead to bacterial and fungal growth inside the ducts, making them less efficient and leading to more contamination. 
    2. Make sure there are no leaks anywhere in your ducts because they allow moisture and dust to enter the duct system at the same time. The two together can clog your ducts and make them inefficient. 
    3. Install your ducts with the help of professional service; hence improper installation is one of the major reasons behind leaks and moisture issues in ducts. 
    4. Make sure there is no condensation occurring in your ducts because it is the major cause of moisture contamination in duct systems.
    5. Properly and regularly monitor moisture; otherwise, the moisture will lead to mold growth in the ducts and ruin them. 
    6. Repair any water damage anywhere in your house. Check out sanitation leaks and leaks related to ducts, and fix them on time.
    7. Always closely monitor your ventilation system’s cooling coils and maintain them properly. Poorly and improperly maintained cooling coils can fail to remove moisture from the air and cause moisture contamination. If there is significant standing water and debris, you should thoroughly fix the cooling coils or replace them. 
  • Take a look at the non-air-conditioned areas of your duct system and make sure the ducts are thoroughly insulated and sealed. 


Properly and thoroughly maintained moisture inside ducts is crucial for both keeping them durable as well as keeping them working efficiently. Excessive moisture in ducts can lead to and enhance contamination and should therefore be properly maintained.