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5 Rural Home Design Ideas That Can Work In The City

There are a number of benefits to living in a rural area, with proximity to nature being perhaps the most notable feature. Green spaces, as well as those with fresh air and clear skies, have been demonstrated to improve our physical and mental health, as can a slower pace of life. However, this doesn’t mean that urban residents are unable to share in the same benefits. In fact, there are a number of rural home designs that can work in a city too. 

Whether you find traditional and countryside interior designs appealing or would like to potentially benefit your well-being at home, we have five creative options for your home.


Natural Materials

Stepping away from industrial and modern aesthetics can be difficult. One only needs to scrutinise their furniture to realise that much of it is likely constructed from synthetic materials like plastic. While such construction has its pros and cons, they seldom share the same benefits or appeal as natural alternatives. 

Furniture made from wood, cork, wicker, and stone is far more appropriate for recreating the rural experience and can even help residents to feel more in touch with nature. These features often have an aesthetic that ages well too, being more robust and characterful, making them appealing to interior designers.


Log Cabins


A popular emblem of rural life, there are now more residents seeking to buy log cabins in residential and urban areas. These structures can be easily installed in garden spaces and open up a host of options to homeowners, from Airbnb residences to private offices. 

Besides their great utility, a log cabin can bring a great deal of natural aesthetic to a home too, allowing residents to ‘escape’ whenever they please.


Neutral Colours

Bold and bright colours have their place in the city but rarely feel appropriate against the palette of nature. It is earth-like colours, the deep blues and greens, as well as pale browns and greys, that work best in rural areas, echoing the natural tranquillity of the landscape. These colours can be used in urban areas to replicate the distant landscape too.

Foyer Area

An area that allows residents and guests to remove their muddy boots and dirtied coats is a necessity in rural areas, where such mess is a regular occurrence. However, city homes can also benefit from a foyer too. If you have the space to establish a storage area by your front door, a foyer can be useful for keeping your home clean and dry, which is especially useful during winter.

Reclaimed Designs

Repairing or upcycling furniture into something new is a remarkable way of saving money, exploring creativity, and being good to the environment. In rural areas, these practices are very common, with many homes making use of what’s available. In cities, however, with the increased accessibility to stores, it can be easier to simply purchase what’s needed. For those interested in the aforementioned benefits, reclaimed designs and upholstery can be a worthy pursuit.