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5 Most Expensive Places to Live in Berkshire

One of the most historic and vibrant counties in the UK, Berkshire holds numerous townships within its area. The most notable is Reading, but there are many other smaller towns that offer excellent places to live.

If you are looking for the best in living in Berkshire, what follows are the five most expensive places in Berkshire to live within the county itself.


Sometimes called Langley Marsh, this community is on the eastern edge of Berkshire. It is noted for its historic buildings such as the Church of St. Mary the Virgin. And, for it is historic importance during World War II as the area where over 9,000 planes were manufactured. Langley is also near the home of Pinewood Studios.

If you want to purchase a home in Langley, the average price is £622,599. It offers good commuting and celebrated shopping opportunities, but it is mostly known for its many wonderful parks that provide a comfortable escape from city life.


Located in the northeast corner of Berkshire, Maidenhead has a population that reaches just above 70,000. It also has historic significance that dates back to the Roman era.

According to property experts Quick Property Buyer, to purchase a home in Maidenhead, you can expect to pay around £574,323. This is perhaps the easiest community to commute to different locations thanks to the three national rail stations. Plus, there are many other amenities as well.


The township of Pangbourne is dead center in terms of the most expensive places to live in Berkshire. This also includes the communities of Goring, Woodcote, and Basildon. Pangbourne is located just northwest of Reading and offers excellent amenities for those who decide to reside in the community.

The average home price in Pangbourne is £718,035. The reason for the expensive nature of this area is most likely due to its location. Not only is it convenient for those who commute into Reading, it is also the site of the fabled Green Corridor which is quite stunning. Add to this the modern living, excellent shopping, and numerous activities such as found in Beale Park, and you have the most expensive place to live in all of Berkshire.


Next to Pangbourne, this is one of the most expensive places to live in all of Berkshire. This includes other communities such as Warren Row, Hurst, and Hare Hatch. This village holds roughly 6,600 people and its name means ‘double ford’.

If you want to purchase a home in Twyford, you can expect to pay an average of £632,279. The reasons for the expense start with its close proximity to Reading and excellent commuting system that goes straight into London. Add to this, Twyford is one of the more beautiful locations complete with the celebrated Dinton Pastures County Park.


If the name sounds familiar, it’s because this is the home of Windsor Castle. So, residents of Windsor have a quite-famous neighbor for much of the year. This historic area is located on the eastern edge of Berkshire and has a rich history that goes beyond its most famous resident.

To purchase a home in Windsor, you can expect to pay around £595,510. This is not just to live in one of the most historic communities in the UK, but you also have excellent commuting into London, plenty of great places to shop, and other famous attractions to see.

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