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4 Reasons Why It’s Time To Rethink Your Shed  

There’s something of a revolution taking place within British gardens. The familiar presence of a garden shed is being displaced, no longer a mainstay of garden design with residents rethinking or replacing their outbuilding storage with new and more useful projects.

This change has been slowly been taking place over the last decade but was accelerated by the pandemic and resulting lockdowns. Homeowners, especially when confined to their properties, began to scrutinise the utility of their outdoor spaces. Then, as property prices began to rise, especially those with gardens attached, homeowners sought to get the best return on their investment.

So, if you can still see a lonely shed space sitting at the end of your garden, one that does little but store a collection of infrequently used items, then it might be time to rethink your shed.

Property Value

A growing interest in the modernisation and utility of gardens is prompting buyers to seek out those gardens with appealing designs. If a property has been curated with modern assets, such as sustainability features and, importantly, outbuildings, then it is more likely to sell for a higher price.

While a number of shed renovations might catch the eye of a competitive market, it is summer houses, log cabins, and external offices that are at the height of popularity.

Personal Utility

Not every homeowner is seeking to sell but there are still plenty of reasons to rejuvenate and reinvent your shed space. Consider, for example, the potential personal utility that an outdoor building could offer, whether in the form of a dining space, creative studio, or professional office. When these options are weighed up, there are a few homeowners that would choose to keep their shed space as prominent as it is when it could so easily support one’s remote working venture or enable them to more keenly pursue a hobby.

Space For More

Occasionally, it is not the presence of a building but the absence that holds more value. Small gardens, those constrained by space, still often feel obliged to host a shed despite alternative options being far more appropriate.

Removing a shed and finding more appropriate and efficient storage options for equipment and tools enables a garden to gain space, which can be used to expand one’s exterior design. This design could be purely aesthetic, giving rise to new flower beds or a zen area. However, it can also free up an essential spot for home growing your own food or installing a new pizza oven!

Safety And Longevity

Residential sheds tend not to receive the same upkeep as a main property and, as a result, end up posing certain risks or deteriorating past the point of repair. Not only would such a situation require the shed to be entirely replaced but it may also cause damage to what is stored inside.

If your shed does contain valuable assets then it might be worth ensuring that their container and environment live up to their quality standards. In addition to protection from the environment, they may also require security measures to prevent theft, a quality that modern shed designs will offer.