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4 Reasons to Love Kitchen Islands

Trends in kitchen design change like the wind, but one design favourite stands the test of time, the Kitchen Island. Although designs may vary, the essential elements remain the same, which gives kitchen islands their design longevity. Even if you have a small kitchen, it is worth making room for an island. With the demand for kitchen reforms soaring by over 24%, maybe it is time to consider installing that island. Here we bring 4 Reasons to Love Kitchen Islands and why your next remodel should include an island.

More Food Prep space

Whilst your main kitchen cabinet runs will provide some worktop space, it gets encroached on by wall cupboards and display cupboards. With the addition of a cooking hob and sink to your island, you get space for preparation and the chance to cook and wash.

The choice of material for the worktop, granite or marble, would be a fine addition if you are a pastry maker.

A built-in chopping block of a different material gives dedicated space for slicing and dicing. You still need to access the whole of the kitchen island, so don’t make it so big you can’t reach the centre.

Storage and cupboards

Kitchen clutter is a well-known issue. Everyone has a junk drawer and a cupboard full of kitchen gadgets that never get used.

Kitchen islands bring an opportunity to increase storage space and tailor the space better to your needs. Open shelves, wine racks and corner cupboards can bring a feeling of uniqueness. You could add deep full-extension drawers for pans, crockery and more, which are easier to access than traditional cupboards. By having hidden pullouts within the larger drawers, you can store smaller items without breaking up the sleek lines of your new island.

Make a design statement.

With the practical considerations to one side, kitchen islands give you the chance to bring some natural flair into your kitchen. Bold colours, modern, sleek cladding or a sizeable imposing stone worktop. Any of these or the myriad of other options can transform a kitchen, with your island becoming the room’s focal point.

Whether you choose bold or muted colours, modern or classical styling or stone or solid wood worktops, your kitchen island can make a statement.

Stay social

Kitchen islands often become the focal point of the kitchen for socialising. It is a joy to be chatting to family and friends whilst cooking.   In open-plan rooms, a central island means you can face into the room rather than staring at solid walls; it gives you the chance to be part of the conversation. The addition of a breakfast bar can also bring a new dimension to your kitchen island. Family and friends will be drawn to it for breakfasts, casual dining or even working from home. Who knows, your guests may even offer a helping hand with the cooking or pour you a glass of wine from your wine rack on your island.