What is Drain Lining, and How does it Work?

Do you experience bathroom flooding or pinhole leakages at your home? If yes, you don’t need to worry. There are multiple solutions to these problems. The most effective solution to the problem of pinhole leakages and bathroom flooding is drain lining

But, what does the drain lining mean? Let’s have a look at all the basics.

What is Drain Lining?

Also prominently known as CIPP or cured in place piping, drain lining is an indestructive remedy to the problems of your drain pipes, and you can remove it effortlessly when you don’t need it. Several pipe lining solutions are available in the market. However, it has a somewhat unique structure that twists when put into the pipes. 

Drain lining is one of the best methods to get the drainage pipes fixed when it is cracked, corroded, or infiltrated. 

How Does It Work?

There are multiple benefits of a drain lining. It is mostly performed by the kent drainage company to ensure the best conditions of the drainage system. Some of the benefits of the drain lining solutions are as follows:

The Initial Investigation

The process of drain lining involves adding a protection layer to the interior parts of the drainage system. It strengthens them and prevents them from cracks, fractures, and collapses. The first step of the kent drainage company should be to perform an investigation of the drainage system through a CCTV drain survey. This survey would disclose any problems in the drainage system and allow you to know the extent of the damages. After the inspection, the professionals flush use the method of High Pressure Jetting to flush out any residues inside the drainage pipes. It is one of the vital steps to create a smooth surface to place the lining. 

Installing the Drain Lining

The next step is to install the lining into the drainage system. The kent drainage company will install the lining that is made out of a malleable resin. The installation process includes fixing the lining through the drainage pipe with the help of an inflated airbag so that it pushes to the pipe walls. Winching and inversion are some of the other methods of installing the drain lining.

After the liner has been installed, it’s time to harden them with the help of UV light or hot water. It creates piping inside a pipe. It protects and repairs the damaged pipe in the drainage system. Moreover, it enhances the flow of water due to the textured material of the liner. Since it is a no-dig operation, it is faster, uncomplicated, and cost-effective. The drainage professionals are well trained to perform the process of installation of the drain lining.

Why is it Significant?

The people are extensively using different ways to fix the drainage pipes. It involves creating big holes and attaching new pipes to the drainage system. It is an expensive and time-taking concern. However, the drain lining fixes this issue with a hassle-free approach, including a no-dig option. 

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