What are the types of molds? 

Building a dream home can be exciting, but once it gets older, you get to experience all kinds of problems. The home could get contaminated and then there is always a mold problem. 

Even if you haven’t spotted the mold as of yet, it is still a threat. Many people think that just because the mold isn’t visible, they shouldn’t be spending money on mold decontamination. 

Change your thought process – get the home inspected and let the professionals spot the mold. There are three categories of mold – only a professional can spot it, so you must go ahead and call up a specialiste moisissure Multisinistres.  

Here’s an article that talks about the three categories of molds you can find out there. 

The Three Categories of Mold 

#1 Pathogenic 

This is the kind of mold that causes problems in people with immunity disorders. If you have people living in the house who have suffered any kind of immunity disorder attack, then you must get the mold removed. 

#2 Allergenic 

If anyone has had asthmatic or breathing issues/attacks before, the allergenic type of mold will cause serious issues. 

Asthmatic patients will have a tough time living in such a house. 

#3 Toxigenic 

Even if healthy people are living in the house, the toxigenic kind of mold will cause severe issues. 

A mold removal expert needs to be hired to remove most kinds of mold. Of course, you can use white vinegar and soap water solution, but it is advisable to let a professional handle it.

There are certain kinds of molds that cause a lot of problems in a healthy and happy home. 

It can make its way into your home as well. Why should you take the risk? Hire a specialist for treating all kinds of mold. 

Why is Mold Exposure Harmful? 

People with a weak immune system can get severely sick if they are exposed to mold. One of the most dangerous kinds of mold you can live with is the black one. Another common kind you will see is the white mold. 

People try to use DIY methods to remove mold, but ideally, they should be calling a professional to treat it. 

Asthmatic patients can get attacks if they are exposed to mold. Even healthy individuals can get sick if a toxigenic mold is present in the house. Don’t try to take matters into your hand – let the professionals inspect the home and remove the mold using special tools and solutions.