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The Top 7 Creative Corner Shelf Ideas for Home Decoration

When we start decorating our home, we pay enough attention to walls, furniture, lights, and almost everything, but one common thing that everyone forgets about is – corners. Decorating corners can make a huge deal of difference in the interior of any room. Plus, you can be extra creative when it comes to decorating corners. However, the easiest way is using a corner shelf.

There is so much you can do with a corner bookshelf. When you will check out the collection of corner shelves available with Tribesigns, it will simply take your breath away. They have corner shelves in stunning and eye-catching designs. You can use them to store your books, of course, as well as add several decorative items to them, and don’t forget – they offer free shipping to the US.

However, if you are not sure which type of corner bookshelf will suit your interior best, here we have discussed the top 7 running designs. These corner shelves can accommodate several items, including live plants, and can turn your boring corner into something super lively and striking. So, let’s get started…

Top 7 creative corner shelf ideas:

Simple corner shelves especially for books

This type of shelf is usually very basic in design. There are 4 to 5 shelves and you can flaunt your book collection on them. Well, of course, you can even place a cute little plant on the top.

Vintage style corner shelf

If you love the appeal of vintage décor or have decorated your room keeping the vintage style in mind, this corner bookshelf will work well for you. Along with books, you can place antique showpieces, old photo frames, some candles, and many such items to enhance its beauty.

Corner shelves with inbuilt light

Most of the corners are not well-lit. If this is the issue in your room as well, you can opt for a corner shelf with an inbuilt lamp. It will not only look aesthetically beautiful but even solve your lighting purpose.

Farmhouse-style corner shelf

If you have decorated your home in farmhouse style, follow the same concept and get a farmhouse-style corner shelf. You can place several items on these shelves that will look stunning with your overall décor.

Retro style corner shelves

Shelves made using metal and wood have a unique appeal. They will fit with almost any type of interior, and you can rest assured that they can handle heavier objects. However, old frames and vases will look better.

Coastal style corner shelf

Coastal or beach style is gaining a lot of popularity these days. Also, they are not just used in beach houses instead, people even place them in their urban houses. This type of corner bookshelf adds freshness to the room. Its vibrant colors are extremely appealing and energizing.

Zigzag corner shelf

If you want to add something fancy to your corner, a zigzag shelf has to be your pick. This type of shelf can uplift the energy of the entire room. Also, you need not put very shiny accessories to decorate it, since the shelf itself is appealing enough.

Selecting an appropriate corner bookshelf can be a tough task, especially when you have so many options to select from. However, if you select one well, decorating it with other accessories will become easier.