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Planning To Settle In Fort Lauderdale: Discover Outdoor Fun Activities to Engage In

Commonly known as the Venice of America, Fort Lauderdale is a charming town with pristine beaches, beautiful waterways, and a lively cultural scene. There are plenty of things to do in Fort Lauderdale, which has made it a hub of luxurious living. When living here, you can be sure to enjoy a variety of family-friendly outdoor activities. Let’s look at some of the activities you should check out.

Explore the Flamingo Gardens

After a morning of relaxing on the sandy beaches, there is no better idea than popping over to the Flamingo Gardens. This sixty-acre land wildlife sanctuary and botanical gardens take care of permanently injured birds or those that would perish if released. The garden is a treasure of gorgeous plants that display the natural heritage of the Florida region. Flamingo Garden is a unique and must-visit fun spot for sure.

Visit the Fort Lauderdale Beach

Are you looking for a scenic Florida beach without the crazy party scenes? Fort Lauderdale ticks these boxes. It offers a calm, relaxing spot with the same crystal clear water and sugary sand as the Miami beach. Backing the shoreline is the unique wavy white divider that separates the sand from a promenade that bustles with strolling and jogging residents. 

Stroll Along the Las Olas Boulevard

Las Olas Boulevard is a must-visit, fun-filled street in Fort Lauderdale. You will find many food joints, cocktail bars, boutiques, and museums here. Las Olas Boulevard is one of those spots that are enjoyable to visit in the evening after a morning of exploring. When it comes to parking, there are both private and on-street parking available to customers.

Go On a Fort Lauderdale Boat Tour

One of the most enjoyable ways to explore your surroundings in Fort Lauderdale is by signing up for a boat tour. Several boat operators provide services, including fishing charters, traditional sightseeing outings, and themed excursions in specialty boats.

Check Out the Museum Of Discovery and Science

If you are thrilled by history and culture, there is no better place to go than the Museum of Discovery and Science. Here, you will learn physical science concepts at the Science Park, learn about the Florida weather patterns at the Storm Center, and see the resident river otters. Other fascinating spots in the museum include the IMAX 3D theater and the aviation station. The museum also has a variety of activities for kids.

Visit the Quaint Stranahan House

Stranahan House is the oldest building in the county of Florida and has an exciting history. The house was constructed in 1901 by Frank Stranahan to serve as a community hall and trading post. The house was bought by the Fort Lauderdale Historical Society in 1975 and converted into a historical museum. The house is open from early afternoon and is a great spot to visit, especially during the holiday season when visitors are entertained with live music performances.

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