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How To Choose The Best Bathroom Vanity In 2022?

The selection of a vanity is a significant decision for the remodelling process whether you are transforming an existing bathroom or creating a new bathroom from scratch.

A vanity is among the most expensive items you will buy, along with a bathtub or shower. You can use the descriptions below to select the ideal bathroom vanity for your needs, preferences, and available space. Click here now to understand the difference and choose according to your preferences:

Making a Vanity Style Selection!

You may focus on choosing a vanity style that complements the decor of your home and your personal preferences once you have established. There are many size variations which you can fit into your bathroom. Fresh, conventional, capricious, and homespun are some of the most popular fashion trends.

Vanities for Fresh Bathrooms!

  • Fresh faucets and hardware
  • Typically, colour schemes are monochrome and have few to no textures.
  • Usually features symmetrical sinks, drawers, and cabinets

Conventional Vanities for Bathrooms 

  • Classical hardware and lines with a furniture-like quality
  • Typically have carved or moulded details with more detail
  • Typically, wood-coloured colour schemes are used in colour schemes oak, mahogany, etc

Bathroom Vanities for Capricious Style 

  • Ancient and modern elements combined
  • Symmetrical style
  • Classical and eternal
  • Either painted or stained wood

Bathroom vanities in a homespun or rural design 

  • Authentic textures
  • Hues of untreated wood
  • Can be created with salvaged wood or furniture that has been recycled

There are many different sizes available for vanities, so be sure to select one that will fit like a glove in your area while still providing the functionality you require. Although there isn’t really a “standard” when it comes to vanity sizes, there are typical sizes for single and double vanities.

The most typical single vanity is 34”- 36″ broad, whereas the typical double vanity is 70”- 72″ wide. The most common dimensions available are 30”- 31″ in height and 20”- 21″ in depth.

Consider who will use the item the most before purchasing it, just like you should with most home goods. Consider getting a shorter vanity if it will be used in a kids’ bathroom. Or, if there isn’t much room in your bathroom, think about getting a vanity that isn’t as deep as others.You may try:

Individual bathroom vanity 

  • Ideal for smaller bathrooms, this is typically the most popular size of vanity.
  • Holds one sink
  • Usually between 22-24 and 46-48 inches broad, but can possibly be 60 inches wide

Twin bathroom vanity 

  • Contains two sinks
  • Popularly known as “his and her sinks”
  • Ideal if your space is greater than 60″ in width and often come in sizes between 46-48 and 70-72″.
  • Excellent for communal bathrooms


Finish (painted or stained wood), texture and storage type are further alternatives to take into account (drawers, doors, handles or open shelving). If you consider all the above aspects before purchasing bathroom vanities, then it will surely help you to buy the perfect option.