Gain Living Space With a Conservatory

Gain Living Space With a Conservatory

Does it feel like your home is too small? Or is your family growing and it is becoming overcrowded? Well, before you consider moving, do you think you are optimising the available space? If the response is no, then you don’t need to think you have to move anymore. You can add an additional room through a conservatory, like these supplied by Paul Jones from Transforming Conservatories in Beckenham, Kent.

Conservatories are growing in popularity in the UK. Adding a conservatory or an orangery will give you more floor space in your home. Moreover, you usually don’t need to apply for permission to add a small extension. Here are some pros and cons of conservatories as a home extension.

The Pros

More Space

No one would not enjoy getting more room in their homes. As time passes, not only does your family often increase in size but so does the amount of stuff on your property. After a while, you will see that what you once saw as a large house has shrunk, and it seems much smaller.

Adding a conservatory or orangery will create more room in your home. You can use this extra space for storage or as a dining area, office, or playroom. Whatever you have in mind, you can achieve it with an extra room. If you have always wanted to have a private room to relax and spend quality time in your home, then a conservatory can make this a reality.

They Are Cheap

Conservatory extensions are popular since they are a cheap alternative to other types of home extensions. Instead of moving, just add a new room. It is more inexpensive than moving to a new home. Conservatories are reasonably cheap since there is no need to alter the existing installation.

It Adds To Your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal

As a homeowner, you have likely worked tirelessly to give your home an attractive look. The advantage of adding a conservatory is that it improves the home’s appearance. Moreover, if you live in a neighbourhood with a particular design, adding an extension will make your home stand out from the rest.

The Cons

Less Garden Space

Depending on the design of your house and the garden size, a conservatory could take up considerable garden space. The garden will usually be large enough to house a conservatory. But you must consider how much garden you are willing to give up.

Forget About Storage Space

Unless your conservatory extension increases storage space, you can forget about extra space if you convert it into an office or similar. You will have a functional room, but you can only store junk in there if you want to ruin the look of the space altogether.

You’ll Need Contractors

Unless you are very handy, you cannot complete this work yourself, and you will need to hire expert contractors.


If you want privacy in your conservatory, you must install curtains or blinds. Otherwise, neighbours will be able to see into the room, as conservatory walls are usually made of glass.

When you weigh up the pros and cons, you will see that the pros of a conservatory or orangery outweigh the cons. If you were thinking about getting a conservatory extension, we hope this post has convinced you to go ahead.