Answering the Most Important Garage Door FAQs

Garage doors are an investment of a lifetime. Along with its protective features, it brings with it high aesthetic values that improve the curb appeal of our houses. We always want the best doors for our houses, isn’t it? But we generally miss out on a few things before our purchase. Our lack of knowledge gets us the doors which are not functional or which are not long-lasting. Hence, we are collating the most important questions one needs to ask before buying a garage door to not make the wrong purchase.

What does the garage door warranty cover?

There are a lot of aspects covered under the garage door warranty but most companies want to provide their customers with quality service. Here’s what is generally covered:

  • 1-year warranty of the parts and labor charge of the garage door and the opener installations.
  • 1-year warranty on the garage door repairs.
  • 1-year warranty on garage door opener repairs.

Is the company licensed?

Some companies are not licensed. You must pick the ones that are certified and licensed installers. Without a license, it is not safe for you to get the repairs and installations done. To get further information, you need to speak to them directly.

Can the garage doors be operated with smartphones?

Normally, you can operate the garage doors with your smartphones. You need to understand from the door manufacturers if the doors have smartphone accessibility. You can compare the doors of various manufacturers and check the best features that they are offering. You can then download their applications on your phone to get smoother accessibility.

Do they perform the garage door repairs right on the first visit?

In most cases, the technicians perform the necessary repairs right on their first visit. They assess the entire door system and opt for the repairs including the torsion springs or rollers. If you think the issues are big, you can book the technician’s appointment beforehand to get the survey done earlier.

Do they have a replacement for the garage door systems?

If you want to get your doors replaced, you need to check with the technician team if they have the same or the required brand in stock with them. Besides this, they need to have a door opener, parts and accessories too.

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